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Al-Haraz International Company for Industry and Trade for the
manufacture, packaging, freezing, import and export of foodstuffs, an Egyptian
company established in 2005 and headquartered in Obour City, Industrial Zone B,
C, Piece 183, in the Arab Republic of Egypt .

Al-Haraz International Company has grown steadily and parallel to the
development of the food industry in the Middle East and the company is
considered one of the oldest companies working in the field of marketing,
exporting, selling, packing and packaging all kinds of fish in Egypt and the
Arab world .

Al-Haraz International Company works with an effective management that
cares about the quality of its products, as it deals with its customers with a
combination of honesty, experience and confidence, and from this point of view
its executive employees work on plans to ensure the highest levels of quality
in meeting the needs of its customers of various types of fish

It has successfully reached wide regional and international markets and is now
considered one of the best importers, exporters and distributors of all types
of fish. They have a large number of clients who are happy with the good
quality and prompt service that they provide.

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