Why Us ?


The organizational structure of the Company

 The company’s performance is based on a strong organizational structure,
highly skilled functional staff and a dedicated management team in serving the
company and its customers

As the satisfaction of its customers is one of the most important priorities
of the company and is achieved by continuous improvement of the various
training methods, whether technical or practical, taking into account all
international standards for occupational safety and health and the quality
methods used internationally

Why Al Haraz International Company?

  • Credibility and commitment are the basis of our dealings.
  • A work team with extensive experience in food and frozen foods.
  • Realizing customer value and seeking customer satisfaction
  • It works according to the clarified contracts that are binding on both parties.
  • It works according to the client’s requirements and exceeds its customers’ expectations in terms of quality and costs.
  • Authorized distributors and agents for major companies
  • Adhere to after-sales service
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